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Integrated Barista Training Course

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Integrated Barista Training Course

With Ms. Sarah Al Ali

A certified barista from SCAE

A certified trainer from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

This program is offered from February 25 to February 29, 2024.

In the first part of the course, the lecturer provides a comprehensive introduction to coffee, including its history, sources, methods of harvesting, processing, and roasting. It then delves into storage methods, tasting experiences, and evaluation to prepare participants for the first level of the electronic test.

Main Topics of the First Part of the Course:

  • Coffee and its history
  • Coffee sources and cultivation areas
  • Differences between coffee types
  • Definition of specialty coffee
  • Harvesting and processing
  • Roasting
  • Coffee storage
  • Tasting experience and flavor differentiation
  • Factors affecting the tasting experience
  • Evaluation sessions
  • Different preparation methods
  • Factors affecting extraction
  • Factors affecting quality preservation

The second part of the course consists of theoretical and practical material designed to refine barista skills and provide the knowledge necessary for professional advancement in the coffee field. It prepares participants to pass the second-level test and obtain an SCA-certified certificate.

Main Topics of the Second Part of the Course:

  • Barista skills
  • Green coffee beans and the coffee plant
  • Factors affecting extraction
  • Espresso preparation
  • Espresso evaluation
  • Understanding the extraction ratio equation
  • Choosing the right water for the café
  • Steaming and texturing milk
  • Latte art evaluation standards
  • Essentials of a professional barista
  • Bar design and efficiency improvement
  • Basic tasks and knowledge about café management


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