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آخر موعد للشحن داخل الرياض 13 يونيو - وخارج الرياض 12 يونيو والعودة 19 يونيو
The last shipping date within Riyadh is June 13, and outside Riyadh is June 12. The return date is June 19
by Piccolo Coffee

Hakuna Matata - Espresso Blend

43.00 SR ر.س
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 Hakuna Matata - Espresso Blend

 Well, either you like the Modello or it's not a problem...we have the Hakuna Matata

We got this name because the majority of the blend is from African countries, where Hakuna Matata means (no problem)

Since you know the reason for the name, you may now start to anticipate what the notes might be, yes they are mostly fruity and aromatic, specifically strawberry and orange as well as hazelnut with a smooth chocolate finish

Sources: Brazil, Ethiopia, Rwanda



3.5 / 5
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