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Welcome to Piccolo Partner Program

For Cafes, restaurants and businesses looking to get Piccolo's Specialty coffee crops.

What is the Piccolo Partners Program?

The Piccolo Partners Program supports upscale cafes and restaurants with specially priced Piccolo coffee, ensuring top-quality servings for their customers. For a decade, we've equipped leading cafes across the kingdom with our premium products. Every coffee experience with Piccolo is designed to be unforgettable.

Why should you join Piccolo Partners ?

Joining Piccolo Partners means aligning with a brand that prioritizes excellence beyond just coffee beans. We use deep research to find ethically-sourced beans and employ AI-driven roasting techniques. Our commitment extends to our community and businesses of all sizes. With Piccolo, you're associating with a trusted, reputable name in the industry

Continuous Support

We provide continuous support to our valued partners with free training workshops. Through 'Jabber' from 'Beans United', we assist with maintenance and supply the latest coffee preparation tools and machines.

Join us now.

Provide us with your details through the form, and start your journey to flourish with a strategic partner who understands you.

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